About Us

 About us

Our motto : Culture as Compassion

The Foster Club was born as a manifestation of the social responsibility of young professionals located in or from Medellin (Colombia). With the aim of expanding the sense of responsibility toward animals the Foster Club has flourished as an initiative of a group of friends from different disciplines and backgrounds. We believe in charity and compassion without distinction amongst species. We believe that cultural expressions have to be consistent with a sense of ethics that include animals as sentient beings. All the members of the Foster Club shared similar ethical values towards nature and animals and in addition, share the sense of responsibility for improving the living conditions of the abandoned animals of the city, including the people that dedicate their lives to animal shelters. The Foster Club recognizes that although there is an important amount of International Organizations related to animal welfare, resources and political will is always scarce. We are particularly aware of the financial struggles of small organizations and animal shelters. Behind many of these little animal shelters there are goodhearted people that dedicate their lives and personal finances to alleviate the pain and abandon of animals. The Foster Club is eager to make a difference.

The Foster Club is a group of enthusiastic young professional fellows deeply engaged with animal welfare causes. The members share a deep love for arts and culture and make from shared values and aesthetic affinity, the perfect excuse to get together and organize fund raising events to sponsor animal charities. In order to fulfil our engagement to the animal cause we collect funds to contribute to the support of animal shelters that provide a home to abandoned and abused animals.

The Foster Club aim to rescue old-fashion customs such as the Victorian tea, baroque concerts in the garden and even the pleasure of reading and selling old books as occasions to make creative fund-raising events for animals. In the future, the Foster Club will be also engaged with art auctions for a noble cause. The Foster Club also aims to develop networking activities in order to promote animal welfare in Medellin. In doing so, the Foster Club Members aim to mobilize actions based on the alerts coming from international organizations such as PETA and IFAW.

Founding Members

Maria-Alejandra Calle-Cook
Rafael Eduardo Tamayo Franco
Camilo Toro
Diana Henao
Valentina Espinosa Muskus

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